ODC Alliance

Offshore Development & Outsourcing Case Study White Paper

Are you from a country wherein HR is very expensive? OR your organization has too much work in hand that you are unable to handle? You can definitely partner with us! We use authentic Govt. of India ADHAAR, verified digital signing process for all NDA’s & MOU’s AND make sure that you don’t even need to divulge your client details at any point during the project. A reasonably detailed SRS / BRD / SOW is good enough to get things going from our end.

Client's Feedback

Ms. Jennifer Williams, CEO, Alcima Technologies

Setting up an ODC alliance to us was like planning a blind marriage! We were unsure about the character of the system primarily, as any untoward micro incident viz. Direct contacting / non-adherence to procedures / timelines or even non-compliance of communication procedures, would cause a huge damage to our entity. Aaron Technologies alliance till date (since 2009) has been a perfect marriage. No issues whatsoever.

Our suggestions & Commitments

  1. Dev J Ghosh says:

    We follow a simple policy “HONESTY” but it is followed very strictly. We never contact your clients, never communicate without your presence & acknowledgement, never deliver or even micro-modify project components without your permission. Every NDA or MOU is followed religiously and protocols always adhered to.

  2. Namrata Ghosh says:

    I second Dev, on this, as taught by our MD, “Honesty is the Best Policy” kind of runs in our veins. We have learnt in our journey since 2001, that the survival of organizations largely depends on their principles of doing business. We are proud about this 1 thing at least, our candour!

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Offshore development & Outsourcing.
Requirement Analysis
Develop & Verify
Collaborative Development
Deliver @ODC Approval
ODC Services
  • Online Paperwork
  • Collaborated Analysis
  • Time-bound Development
  • Delivery on approval
ODC Highlights
  • Govt. approved paperwork
  • Joint project analysis
  • Development stage collaboration
  • Implementation on ODC approval
  • ODC roadmap adherence
  • Save over 40% in costing.