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Full Stack Developers

  • Sound knowledge of Asp.Net | MVC5| jQuery | .Net Core | C#
  • Sound knowledge on API integrations.
  • Good exposure in JavaScript & jQuery / NodeJS / Angular JS / React JS / Vue JS
  • Proficient in design, Coding and unit testing of the ReST based API development
  • Reasonable correlative knowledge of Bootstrap CSS Framework & SQL Server
  • Experience in Git HUB / Bit Bucket / Jira / asana
  • Strong database programming skills(T-SQL)

QA & Testing

  • Sound knowledge of understanding program logic
  • Sound knowledge on testing API integrations.
  • Good exposure in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Proficient in Documentation and Communication
  • Reasonable correlative Understanding of Coding
  • Experience in Git HUB / Bit Bucket / Jira / asana
  • Understanding of Using a "glocal" perspective.

Web Designers

  • Sound knowledge of photoshop | figma | adobe XD | html
  • Good exposure in JavaScript & jQuery / React JS / Angular JS
  • Reasonable correlative Understanding of Emergence, Reification & Invariance
  • Proficient in understanding Composition, Color Theory and Attribute appraisal.
  • Sound knowledge of delivering Responsive designs
  • Reasonable Understanding of SEO based attributes
  • Experience in Git HUB / Bit Bucket / Jira / asana
  • Proficient in SMO Based content generation.

Client Care Executives

  • Fluency in English & understanding various accents
  • Must have sound oratory skills and knowledge of technical terminology
  • Reasonable correlative Understanding of software development
  • Must be willing to work across flexible time & schedules
  • Must be able to achieve relevant targets
  • Reasonable Understanding of software support profile.

“Aaron Technologies” is a year 2001 incorporated company with a strong customer base in the USA, UK, UAE, Australia & Canada. Top Indian organizations are also a part of the “Aaron Technologies” clientele.

  • “Aaron Technologies” has a zero benching record till date (including the COVID phase)
  • Salaries & Remuneration have never seen any delay or default in the 21 years history of “Aaron Technologies”
  • At “Aaron Technologies”, we believe that an organization can progress only if it empowers its employees to grow. We have built growth path for individuals which covers monetary benefits and also takes care of professional growth.
  • Options to work from home, flexible schedules and Performance bonus have been some highlights that have not only surprised applicants but also the entire software industry.

We believe in the quote - “Sometimes it pays to stay in bed on Monday, rather than spending the rest of the week debugging Monday’s code.”
– Dan Salomon

  • Completely Flexible Shifts Morning | Day | Evening | Night
  • 8 Hour flexible shifts with 4 Hours split options
  • Options of Off-Mood changes to shifts
  • No Plug-in based monitoring of employees
  • All ladies HR department and strong adherence to protocols
  • Options of selection based project allocation (no brain redundancy)
  • 10 Days of Casual Leave every year (max 2 days AAS)
  • 78 Weekend Holidays (52 weeks X 1.5)
  • Red letter days extra OR work @3X payment OR get 2X Credit
  • Extras’ @Aaron 7 Days Paid holiday Vacation (approval mandatory)
  • Options to swap holidays with RH (restricted holiday) dates
  • 2 Weeks of fully paid off for medical reasons (if admitted)
  • If we are your mother company and you are delivering as expected we have no issues with your secondary employment, But the T&C laid down by the employment rules have to be followed.
  • If we are the secondary company, then make sure that your primary organization is ‘okay’ with moonlighting and you are not violating your T&C with them.
  • We offer contractual 22 Hours / week options based on TAT completions of work given, so even @moonlighting we are flexible, though rigid on following TAT strictly.
  • We would like to reiterate that moonlighting should be seen as “knowledge gain with monetary benefits” and not “monetary gain @ riding 2 boats at once” So if your primary job demands all that you can give, refrain from moonlighting, however if time & energy is @extra, go for it!

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