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Salon Management software Case Study White Paper

In the current world everyone is running short of time and human resource has become the biggest investment for any business. The Salon industry requires expensive human resources, highly priced real estate space and expensive equipment, the clientele is short of time and waiting is no longer an option. We provide specialised inventory and human resource management with a complete online booking system for running a smooth and efficient salon.

Client's Feedback

Rihana Soriene. MD. Purple Blues

As a salon chain we are relatively smaller than many franchise based models, but with the numbers that we have things got going tough and many times we faced issues of long waiting periods and sometimes HR was idle. We were manually unable to map the same or run promos to optimise. Aaron tech turned the whole thing around, presently we are having better numbers and fully optimised with zero wastage of units / HR

Our suggestions & Commitments

  1. Dev J Ghosh says:

    Today's greatest crisis is TIME! No one wants to wait! Inventory and HR Mapping & management has from time in memorial been a challenge for any salon vertical. A successful salon is one in which all the units (Seats / procedure rooms) are occupied and all staff have their hands full. Managing this manually will need a genius or a good software that can do his work. We propose you check out our product once, it does the complete job automatically and helps you manage your salon better.

  2. Namrata Ghosh says:

    I have been to multiple salons for many reasons, it's only during the first project (Mi-Belleza) that I could gauge how difficult it is to run a salon properly. The optimization technique is a complex mathematical solution that may differ depending on service types, seat or unit inventory, Individual HR specializations, HR preference, HR Count, Individual HR service speed, client service type, client preference, Service idle gap mapping optimization are some of the factors that influence the project. Our salon software brings in a sea change to any salon’s management process.

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Salon Management
Salon Unit/s Profiling
Salon Unit/s Profiling
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Process Management Study
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Target Analytics
Target Analytics
Requirement Mapping
Project Implementation
Project Implementation
Salon Management Services
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  • Roadmapping
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  • Unit / Seat Management
  • HR Inventory Management
  • Unit - HR Mapping
  • Online Bookings & Payments
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  • Starts at $1000 Only