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Commercial off-the-Shelf Case Study White Paper

Sometimes, ready-mades are an option by resilience and sometimes by choice. BUT, when you decide to pick up a COTS product (Commercial off-the-Shelf) only thing that you ponder on is “Can I at-least customise it a bit?” With Aaron Technologies you can customise it A LOT! You can select your preferred template, hide components that are irrelevant to you AND also add some relevant components! It is “KIND-A” semi-customised solution! Check out the PLATTER to Know More!

Client's Feedback

Mr. George Styler, COO, GenerationX co Ltd

Setting up an e-commerce site, that too based on attire, with payment gateway, tracking, refunds etc and then the logistics & delivery nightmare, made us put the project off for years. Selling primarily on other platforms, we did make money, but the margins were puny, Until the Aaron Tech guys or “AArians” deployed their COTS-ecommerce! Saved time, money and deployed in days!

Our suggestions & Commitments

  1. Dev J Ghosh says:

    Though we are not the quick-fix type of people, sometimes however, clients require a speedy go-live, our COTS products come in pretty handy in these situations. If your requirement matches one of the COTS connect to us on it and we will derive a quick, cost effective and ready to deploy solution.

  2. Nabendu Bhadra says:

    At Aaron Technologies, we strongly believe in detailed analysis and client centric solutions. Every project requires a different approach which we gauge and then suggest.

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