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NGO & Crowdfunding software Case Study White Paper

NGO’s and organisations dedicated to Charity and human welfare require infographics and fund Sourcing, ITES plays a big part for any organisation that relies on spread of information and acquiring of funds or volunteers to be able to successfully aid a cause. Our specialised software delivers seamless information across various channels and helps in fund or volunteer sourcing using various mediums of crowd and direct funding.

Client's Feedback

Mr. David Jacob, President. Benevolence Foundation

Acquiring donations from prospective donors depends primarily on visibility at donor platforms. Once you are visible your campaigns must be strong enough to influence donors to make a contribution, once you have received a donation you must make sure you report back to your donor w.r.t what and how you have utilized the funds. Only this process can keep you connected to donors who will help you keep your cause alive. Aaron’s team provides niche and perfect solutions, we are indeed grateful to them.

Our suggestions & Commitments

  1. Dev J Ghosh says:

    Like eCommerce, crowdfunding has many free services / SaaS that come with pros & cons. I would only suggest, look at the pros and cons and evaluate, free services have 1 big advantage “FREE” eventually its not, because you pay hefty commissions on every donation received. If you want to scale up, diversity, adjust and amalgamate, you may not be able to. And remember the most important thing, when you use SaaS you are promoting the SaaS product, not your organization. Your presence and identity is muffed, hence its always prudent to get your own system up and running.

  2. Nabendu Bhadra says:

    Like eCommerce, here too I have a similar comment, SaaS vs COTS vs Bespoke is and will remain controversial primarily think of it as Rented vs Owned (Ready made) vs Owned (Custom Built) intricacies, suggestions and implementation can be discussed with us on a no commitment basis. Case studies can be provided on request which will help you to gauge the requirement better. This is one vertical wherein going niche & direct is of utmost importance.

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NGO’s & Crowdfunding
Source & Cause Study
Project Analysis
Donor Study
Profile Assessment
Project implementation
Donation Analytics
Requirement Mapping
Project Services
  • Analyse
  • Roadmap
  • Customize & Configure
  • Deliver
Project Highlights
  • Donor Management
  • Payment automation
  • Target Mapping
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Tech Training & Support
  • Starts @ $2000 only